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Who would be my Insurance Company?

We work with a variety of top rated insurance carriers, so this depends actually depends on your individual needs/policy. For further clarification on your insurance company, feel free to email Juan!

Why are these programs so much cheaper than options on Healthcare.gov or my company?

The major difference in these our PPO plans and Major Medical plans is simply this:

Our PPO plans are underwritten based on your health, not your financial situation.

So, if you are healthy upon time of sign-up and approval, our PPO plans can help save you thousands of dollars in monthly premiums and deductibles.

Can I qualify medically for these programs?

The underwriting guidelines for these programs are very lenient. If you do not suffer from a major illness or face major surgery you will most likely qualify! Some of the most common medical conditions in the United States are acceptable.

Will I have to take a physical or submit medical records?

No. We will simply ask you a few medical questions and submit your responses directly to the company. For your protection, the company will verify your answers are correct. No need for medical record submission.

Will I have to pay a penalty?
No. Since 1/1/2019, there is no longer a federal mandate to have a Major Medical plan. This means you now have the freedom to choose a plan that works for you. You pay based on your health.
Why are your premiums lower?

Firstly, we only insure people who are reasonably healthy. Secondly, we only write coverages that you want and need. Example: Does a 50 year old married couple really need to pay for maternity coverage? Think of it like the auto insurance rating system: the better you drive the lower premiums you pay.

What happens if I get sick?
Our program is guaranteed renewable. We cannot single you out for a rate increase regardless of your health issues. Your plan will auto renew every 12 months until you reach the age of 65, choose to cancel your plan, or if your payment lapses.
Do I have to pay money upfront?
No, you will not be charged anything until you have been approved for coverage.
Will this process take a lot of my time?
No! A 5-10 minute phone interview is all that is required! We will schedule your interview at your convenience. We work early or late upon request.
Where can I use my coverage?
You may go to any doctor or hospital as long as you stay within the insurance carrier’s PPO network. (For questions about your carrier’s network, see the links below!) You may get additional savings!

Want to see if your doctor of medical facility is part of the network?
Click on your carriers’ link below:

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